Handbasket Report: People Are Expensive

Despite the babbling of a few who contend the world is not filled up, the world is filled up. In fact, overpopulation is likely to be the root cause of more human deaths in the upcoming decades than anything else because the pressure of overpopulation leads to starvation and all sorts of unpleasantries.

If you disagree, look up the word “Lebensraum” or watch Hotel Rwanda. Even reading the Wikipedia entry on overpopulation can be a revelation for some.  However, those are quite abstract in comparison to something most Americans take more seriously–their wallets.

Read this: “The Cost, in Dollars, of Raising a Child”

Add in the upcoming rises in food prices as water becomes scarcer, droughts even more common, and fertilizer rarer and rarer.

Nine billion people by 2050.  And food enough to feed how many?

Nevertheless, I have total confidence in humanity’s inability to control itself.  Ah, babies are so cuuuuuute.  And sex is fun.

Meanwhile, I watch this clock.

Cassandra the Childless


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