Namibia, Zimbabwe, Denmark, and Switzerland?

What do Namibia, Zimbabwe, Denmark, and Switzerland have in common? I wouldn’t have been able to come up with the answer, but you can find it here: “Ten Numbers the Rich Would Like Fudged”

Somehow, I wasn’t expecting to find Denmark and Switzerland on that list.

I was however not at all surprised that we are down there with Zimbabwe.



2 Responses to “Namibia, Zimbabwe, Denmark, and Switzerland?”

  1. Babz Says:

    that was awes60e.  br5ng 6n the haters   -Babz-

  2. Babz Says:

    So we read this and Jim says no no no all the occupy wall street people are just a bunch of hippies who want free stuff ha ha ha (mimicing some of our terribly ignorantly hypocritical right wing friends) this is just terribly sad and strange. Glad you found it. I posted it on FB but a lot of those people won’t read it I am sure. Glen Beck is soooo much wiser.  ‘Also, I spilled coffee all over my old laptop today so half my keys don’t work. Had to borrow Jim’s for a while.


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