Do Your Research

Few Americans enjoy research and critical thinking. An anomaly, I’ve had a hard time watching people ignore or twist accumulating data on climate change.

From experience, I know the typical first year college student enters a composition class worried about commas not critical thinking. Few know the difference between a journal and a magazine, and some think all websites are created equal. By the end of a semester or two, most learn a dollop of assessment, but most leave without any sort of real understanding of even the informal logical fallacies.

However, Americans in general are much better about accepting stories from farmers. This sort of primary research appeals to most, and articles like this now find news coverage: “Global Warming Impacts Holiday Dish”

We are still screwed, of course. Consider this paragraph:

Without drastic action, global average temperatures will increase by 3.5 degrees or more by the end of the century, driving up sea levels and warming oceans, fueling extreme weather and triggering drastic shifts in climate and agricultural production, some scientists have warned.

Notice some not so tiny problems here? Are those degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade? Is a 3.5 rise a conservative prediction? Do a good many credible sources expect more? If you don’t know from current reading, then perhaps, like the college students I know all too well, you might need to do more research.



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