Pine Beetles Ueber Alles

Oh great.

“Pine Beetles Contributing to Climate Change, Study Says”


3 Responses to “Pine Beetles Ueber Alles”

  1. Babz Says:

    well, I know that the winters have not been cold enough to kill the beetles fir several years and now we get to have lots of forest fires because of all the environmentalists’ lawsuits preventing timber sales for so long that the dying trees died and rotted so they are no good for lumber anymore.   -Babz-

  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    @Babz–What “environmentalists’ lawsuits preventing timber sales”? I know nothing about this. Around here, they’re cutting dead wood like crazy. That’s what a couple of my friends do for a living, in fact. Can you name some of these suits for me? I’d appreciate that.

  3. uncommonscolds Says:

    Actually, I just remembered there is at least one–a tiny one. The woman who offiiced with hub for nearly twenty years has been ordered to remove dead trees from her mountain home. The town claims the dead trees–I believe there are two–are beetle kill and need to go. She maintains the trees were actually damaged by motor vehicles, not beetles, and she wants the dead trees to remain in place for another year or two until the replacement trees under them are well rooted.

    Her master’s thesis for an engineering degree was on wood lot management, and she and another environmental lawyer stopped a major company from taking out an old growth patch here in Colorado a few years back. Considering her background, I thought the town council would listen to her. As far as I know, they haven’t even come out to see the trees–and most likely get a lecture on beetle kill and wood lot management. I gather they just said it was beetles and the trees have to come down. She is not happy and not about to give up.

    Small, gun-free wars are fun to watch.

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