Climate + Human Nature: The End Is Near(er)

The ever cheerful Chris Hedges turned this out today: “Chris Hedges: Stand Still for the Apocalypse”

While Hedges is certainly apocalyptic, he fails to stress overpopulation and to factor in the near certain depletion of necessary natural resources, especially fish, fertile soil, and clean water. While more people are starting to take climate change more seriously, we continue to overfish, overfarm, and pollute without many even mentioning what this means to future generations.

As major investment manager Jeremy Grantham and others have argued, food and water are THE most vital human issues, greater even than a nasty rise in temperatures, which in itself is going to alter the oceans, the land, and our fresh water supply. Grantham’s typically solid predictions popped up today on a financial site: “Jeremy Grantham Warns of No Safety Margin from This Collapse.”

In short, Grantham sees serious unpleasantries as being even closer than Hedges does.

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One Response to “Climate + Human Nature: The End Is Near(er)”

  1. Roget Lockard Says:

    Hi, Cassandra. You begin your title above, “Climate + Human Nature.” It seems to me that our first order of business is to solve the mystery of why our rational processes fail on the most elemental levels to process our situation. Jeremy Grantham, whom you reference above and whom I admire enormously, proposes that it is because we are “innumerate” — not adequately capable of internalizing arithmetic realities. I’ve shaped a perspective that builds on a different take on human nature on behalf of explaining our seemingly obdurate unreasonableness. Here is a quote from the Prologue to a book in progress (link below): ” If we’re so smart, why aren’t we safe? Why don’t we use our remarkable intelligence to change course, and rescue ourselves from this imminent peril? Because we suffer from a problem born out of our own cleverness; we are immersed in the quintessentially human predicament known as addiction.”

    Thanks for your very valuable Blog.

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