Up with _Upworthy_

I’ve become quite fond of Upworthy, “a social media outfit with a mission: To make meaningful stories go viral.”

Here are a couple of examples of why I like this site and its newsletter.

This arrived today:

“The Quintessentially British Response to Everyone Who Denies Global Warming Because It’s Raining.”

Here’s another Upworthy offering:

“The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Call Them Out on Their B.S.”

From that page I clicked my way to the interactive website and am downloading the poster on logical fallacies right now. Reason three on the list of reasons to get one of the posters appeals to me:

To gift, in a slightly passive-aggressive yet still socially acceptable way, to someone who is forever making weak arguments peppered with fallacies.

OK, I’m having yet another of those days when ignorance really bothers me. These days are coming in clumps of 365 now–more or less.



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