Global Warming: A Graphic Illustration

Upworthy strikes again. They title this “The Most Devastatingly Convincing Pie Chart You’ve Ever Seen.”

The whole article appears on DeSmogBlog. I also recommend Dr. James Lawrence Powell’s eponymous website.

For those outside academia, “peer review” means the article appeared in an academic journal. Before accepting an article for publication, academic journals submit the article to a panel of experts in the field. The process of “peer review” means those experts go over the article to see if the author(s) followed the usual procedures expected for work in the field and to spot gross errors. While hardly a fool proof process, “peer review” culls the most egregiously inaccurate or irresponsible work.

The names of most well known global warming “deniers” rarely appear in climate science journal articles since few of them are scientists much less climatologists. Unlike most scientists who are generally skeptics who are won over by evidence, “deniers” tend to be true believers, akin to fundamentalist religious types who simply know their position is correct, and/or industry shills who are hired to churn up controversy rather than to expand knowledge.

For more information on climate research, I suggest a visit to Skeptical Science.


P.S. I can’t resist adding Powell’s list of articles rejecting global warming:

Real academic research looks like. That is, unlike most “deniers,” he leaves a clear trail for other people to follow. Full citations. I suppose this sort of detail explains why so few people love academic research. Oh well, my heart flutters.


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