UPDATE to “Amazon, the Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla”:

Dr. Steven Leeb, a regualr contributor on Seeking Alpha, one of my favorite investing sites, carried this column today (12/12/12): “Amazon: Anathema To Value Investors?”

To me, Leeb’s outline Bezo’s vision shows the company’s shrewd, long term legal, but in my view predatory, planning.

How many useful little local companies will fail because of this business model? More importantly perhaps, how many consumers will not be able to buy anything locally when–please note I did not say if, for I too am a long term planner–the internet goes down for long periods of time and then forever. Our energy consumption assures the snapping of the grid at some point, doesn’t it? Or do you think that energy is endless and that growth can go on forever?

Oh well, I suppose by the time the internet fails entirely any surviving local companies would have serious supply problems anyway.

Have a nice day.



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