Cut the Grass

We need to cut the budget, right? I suggest we start by cutting military golf courses. Why? Read this: “U.S. Military Spends Tens of Millions of Dollars on Golf Courses, Luxury Perks for Generals”

I protested against blue grass lawns in dry areas back in 2008 in “Death to Infidel Lawns.”  For reasons both aesthetic and socio-economic, golf courses sicken me. However, I do not hate grass. I love grasses. Only the frivolous, wasteful, and inappropriate use grass angers me. Golf courses in non-bluegrass friendly areas gulp water and require more care than a pre-Revolution French aristocrat, and today’s reflexive use of blue grass as a mandatory feature of–

Oh, go read “Death to Infidel Lawns.”

But remember the goodness of grass. Humans crave the beauty of the Savannah where grazing animals produced a mix of lawns and roughs. There, man becomes a part of nature. In contrast, golf courses parody nature and embolden the powerful to waste water, land, and manpower.

The contrast between man in nature and man attempting to dominate nature troubles me every day. So, thinking of man, thinking of grass, I clicked up photos of the water-thrifty grasses  surrounding our house–buffalo grass, blue grama, sand love grass, little bluestem, big bluestem, and side oats grama.

12-09-08 east yard high plains coreo chinese garlic

My thoughts wander off topic, distracted by my grasses. Forgive me.

Stop military golf courses. STOP GRASS ABUSE NOW!



3 Responses to “Cut the Grass”

  1. cmmarcum Says:

    As I understand it: Hundreds of years ago the nobility in Europe began the idea of ‘lawns.’ It was a sign of wealth that meant: I have land to spare; I have land to waste, I have land to play upon.

    When you think about it, grass is kind’a stupid for the average person. It burns up the topsoil without animals to re-fertilize it. Humans can’t eat it, it requires constant maintenance and it does nothing to attract beneficial bugs, such as bees.

    Golf courses? Wow, imagine the herbicide. Sorry, I didn’t meant to blog on your blog. I know that’s considered rude.

  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    @cmmarcum–No need to apologize. I appreciate your comment, the contents of which provide points I didn’t mention.


  3. Toni Swedberg Says:

    I don’t like lawns either. Fake green monotony. Give me the wild grasslands of the Midwestern Plains.

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