Once Again, Something Positive: TED.com

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading provides a feast for those hungry for ideas, for information, for substance–as opposed to substances. The site has a search engine and its contents include talks by experts on business, science, pretty much anything and everything that intelligent people might find interesting.

I’m now going to click away and listen to a TED talk by my favorite linguist: “Steven Pinker: What Our Language Habits Reveal.”


P.S. As I previewed this, I discovered links in orange–on my screen, at least–over the words “business” and “people.” These unintended links demonstrate that everything, my little blog included, is supposed to sell us stuff, and, unless we are willing to pay money to be left alone, such intrusions will continue. Hmmm. Now “continue” pops up a link too. Oh well. Perhaps they’ll all go away when I hit “Publish.” If not, they provide more proof of the unwritten motto of America: Advertising R US.


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