Grass Good, Lawns Bad

I just got this article via Common Dreams: “Lose Your Lawn.”

Hmmm. Something familiar here. Oh yes, on June 21, 2008 I posted “Death to Infidel Lawns.”

Of course, my hatred of bluegrass lawns does not mean I hate grass. I love grass. In fact, I have lush grass everywhere and I even water it–a couple of times a summer or maybe even once a month if we have an abundance of irrigation water. I also cut it–in March, but other than that, the yard’s on its own.

Below, is a photo of our east yard on the 8th of September 2012: 

12-09-08 east yard walkway to firepit 2

I can’t–don’t want to?–claim to have a politically correct landscape though. The tree in the photo is a Russian Olive, a noxious weed. So, clearly, I have an outlaw spirit.  Make that a left wing outlaw spirit; I also have  Russian Sage and lots of wonderfully edible white-topped Chinese garlic as well as my oh-so-American native grasses and bushes.

Actually, I’m just cheap and eccentric. I don’t like to waste water, time, and money trying to grow the standard, conformist American lawn. Besides, the occasional English estate excepted, bluegrass lawns are boring.



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