Far Away and All Too Close

Some Americans value safety above all else and think that gated communities, guards, and guns will provide it. Not necessarily.

I have a Facebook friend who lives in a far distant country. He just posted this:

This is getting rather insane. A month or so after all four tires of my car were stolen at night out of the driveway, the house next door gets burgled at 2:30 pm in the afternoon. At gunpoint. One member of that family came looking for help up the street and found our guard missing. So went further up the street to another ex judge’s guards for help and they said it was not their job to help out. By the time they were told to get round to it, the burglars had left. So much for —— being a nice habitable place.

I’ve trimmed any identifying info from the post just in case some people in his country might want to know that —— ain’t invulnerable. In all likelihood, neither is your home in America or elsewhere.

Know your neighbors and keep your eyes open.



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