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Fail: Word of the Week? Month? Millennium?

24 April 2013


America Reporting: Junk News

24 April 2013

I love Political Irony. This latest is good:
“CNN Fail”

After reading Iron Knee’s comment and then watching the John Stewart clip, I began to wonder exactly how much worse things will be should the Koch brothers succeed in buying the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other pivotal newspapers. How much worse can our “reporting” get? Do I really want to find out?

A confession: I watched way too much of CNN’s coverage of the Boston bombing and its aftermath. I find junk news addictive in the same way junk food with its heavy sugar and salt content is addictive. Empty but tasty in a bland sort of way.

The main difference between America’s current news coverage and Rome’s bread and circuses is that we get less action and we have to buy our own bread. Confession: I find American junk news quite fascinating in many ways. Of course I have a weakness for Twinkies too although I’ve been far more successful at restraining my appetite for junk food than for junk news. Worse yet, I suspect there’s more content in the Twinkies.


Cool Facts?

22 April 2013

Several times a week I run into an editorial claiming that world temperatures have been going down for a decade, sometimes more. In the last few months, few of the people writing these editorials have seen fit to provide even a tendril of support for their claims.

I do however often find well-researched, detailed and documented articles saying the world is not getting cooler. Here’s the latest I’ve found: “Analysis of 2,000 Years of Climate Records Finds Global Cooling Trend Ended in the 19th Century”

Who to believe? Who to believe. Boy, that’s a tough decision.


Guns Don’t Kill People, Terrorist Bombs Do

22 April 2013

Sometimes living in another country clarifies one’s views, especially when the other country is one like Ireland or England where trash cans exploded regularly for many years. People with experiences like these can more easily see the inconsistencies in American life.

Why Does America Lose Its Head over ‘Terror’ but Ignore Its Daily Gun Deaths?

But, alas, I doubt that the adamant Second Amendment people will recognize the ironies inherent in all this. Guns don’t kill people. Terrorist bombs kill people.



Look! A Unicorn!!

12 April 2013

With each day, I grow more convinced Elizabeth Warren is rarer than a unicorn. Do we actually have a responsible, citizen-oriented politician?

“Sigh. Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses Some Bank Regulators To Their Faces. Again”

Can we have her cloned?


Fracking–Now Officially in My Backyard

12 April 2013

Inside the house, the library remains quiet, suitable for cat naps.


Outside? Nights now look like this:

13_4_11 derrick

Daylight brings the same view:

12_04_12 derrick day 2

And now I’m off to read SourceWatch on Fracking for the umpteenth time.

North Carolina: Last Panting Gasps?

7 April 2013

For quite a while now, many viewed North Carolina favorably as a state that honored the arts and culture in general. That changed when Republicans gained control of North Carolina’s government in 2012. Now, their legislators are pumping out a frenzy of laws that may well strike even many conservatives as over the top.

Addicting Info just posted a good intro article: “Carolina? Another New Worthless Bill”

While I don’t know the specific make-up of the members of the legislature in North Carolina, I wonder if this flurry reflects a certain end stage frenzy, the last panting gasps of a specific segment of the population, those traditionalists so infuriated by the social changes in the United States over the last few decades that they will give up any pretense of fairness in their attempts to legislate into existence their vision of the Real America.

This strikes me as a more dangerous version of stories I’ve read of the Ghost Dances of the defeated, reservation-bound Native Americans of the late 19th Century.


GOP Talking Point Decoder

7 April 2013

I wish I disagreed with the “funny” definitions on the poster that comes up if you click the link below. Unfortunately, they strike me as being spot on.

GOP Talking Point Decoder.

On a related note, I was thinking how nice it is that I no longer have to travel to Africa or anywhere else to explore places that look a lot like autocratic Third World countries. Nice of these places to come to me.

Elitistly yours,


When Dreams Die, Nightmares Arise?

3 April 2013

This article from the UK newspaper The Independent carries a muddle of information on beliefs in the United States, but it provides some evidence of the number of Americans who have negligible knowledge of how to evaluate sources or perform adequate research.

“Obama the Antichrist? Global Warming a Myth? Lizard People Controlling the World? New Conspiracy Theory Research Reveals the Bizarre Beliefs Prevalent in the United States”

Oh, well. If nothing else, the United States now has a high enough population of ninnies to provide other parts of the world with a good laugh.