North Carolina: Last Panting Gasps?

For quite a while now, many viewed North Carolina favorably as a state that honored the arts and culture in general. That changed when Republicans gained control of North Carolina’s government in 2012. Now, their legislators are pumping out a frenzy of laws that may well strike even many conservatives as over the top.

Addicting Info just posted a good intro article: “Carolina? Another New Worthless Bill”

While I don’t know the specific make-up of the members of the legislature in North Carolina, I wonder if this flurry reflects a certain end stage frenzy, the last panting gasps of a specific segment of the population, those traditionalists so infuriated by the social changes in the United States over the last few decades that they will give up any pretense of fairness in their attempts to legislate into existence their vision of the Real America.

This strikes me as a more dangerous version of stories I’ve read of the Ghost Dances of the defeated, reservation-bound Native Americans of the late 19th Century.



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