America Reporting: Junk News

I love Political Irony. This latest is good:
“CNN Fail”

After reading Iron Knee’s comment and then watching the John Stewart clip, I began to wonder exactly how much worse things will be should the Koch brothers succeed in buying the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other pivotal newspapers. How much worse can our “reporting” get? Do I really want to find out?

A confession: I watched way too much of CNN’s coverage of the Boston bombing and its aftermath. I find junk news addictive in the same way junk food with its heavy sugar and salt content is addictive. Empty but tasty in a bland sort of way.

The main difference between America’s current news coverage and Rome’s bread and circuses is that we get less action and we have to buy our own bread. Confession: I find American junk news quite fascinating in many ways. Of course I have a weakness for Twinkies too although I’ve been far more successful at restraining my appetite for junk food than for junk news. Worse yet, I suspect there’s more content in the Twinkies.



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