“Long Odds and Tough Times”

My eyes stopped moving after I read Nick Turse’s final words in a post on today’s TomDispatch.com: “[L]ong odds and tough times.”

I used to feel sympathy and outrage when I read articles like that and the one that follows, “The Downwinders: Fracking Ourselves to Death in Pennsylvania,” but I also felt a certain comforting detachment. However, now that we have a fracking well within a quarter of a mile of our house, these articles elicit a bit more emotion. The problem is now almost literally in my backyard.

I suppose I can take comfort because my horses do not drink well water. Like us, they drink water piped in from a reservoir high in the foothills. However, like us, they also breathe the air that may or may not now be contaminated by the new well. Our area also has numerous saline seeps that fill our neighbors’ ponds and keep the ground under our house contantly damp. Perhaps someday we’ll see a suspicious sheen on the ponds or notice an odd odor under our house.

I’m just saying that knowing the primacy of corporations in America, knowing that the government protects its people–at least its important people, the corporations, especially fossil fuel companies–makes me feel safe and loved. I’m also saying that reading about “long odds and tough times” improves my state of mind no end. In fact, I’m chirping like a canary–in a coal mine.



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