Bang Bang! Kiss Off

I’m not anti-gun, but I do wish our government represented us rather than the gun lobby, something that’s just not so anymore. This list merely tracks one particular lobby.

I liked it better when I harbored a shred of belief that our representatives actually represented the rank and file of their states. Alas, not so.

Having “our” representatives wear NASCAR-type patches to indicate who bought them sounds better and better to me.



One Response to “Bang Bang! Kiss Off”

  1. lwk2431 Says:

    Small change compared to other interests in Washington. The NRA is powerful not because of campaign contributions but because of its millions of members, and many more millions of people who vote for 2nd Amendment rights.

    For example, the pharmaceutical industry is 100 times the size of the personal firearms industry. Some pharma companies are by themselves larger than the entire personal (vs. military) firearms industry.

    I bet George Soros alone gives a hell of a lot more than that and funds tons of groups.


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