Wealth Redistribution—EEEEK!!

The words “wealth redistribution” freak out a good many Americans, but perhaps that’s because most of us don’t know where to place ourselves on a wealth continuum–a line with the poorest on the left–where else?–and the richest on the right–where else?

Those on the right fear that wealth distribution means some or even most of their money will be taken away and “given” to people on the left. A frightful thought, no doubt.

A question arises though: Where are most of us on this continuum? I read The Spirit Level a few years ago and I now spend way too much time wondering what our propaganda merchants are selling these days, so I was not surprised by this video:

“9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact”

Too many Americans will be surprised after watching this video and that is a testament to the effectiveness of the propaganda emitted by those in control of the wealth of the country. Many of us embrace the illusion that we are wealthier than we actually are. Could that be because those who really hold the wealth fear we’ll find out the truth? Don’t those with the most to lose sell us illusions via their hold on the media and the political process?

Why else would so many of us look to the left when we think of wealth redistribution when we need to look right?



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