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Germany: Part of the Climate Change Conspiracy

26 August 2013

For years, I’ve listened to the rants of the irrationals within the US Right Wing, those claiming global warming as a myth, a plot, a fabrication by internal miscreants who hate the good old USA and its freedoms. I’m sick of listening to them. On their own time, they can add the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Germany to their list of freedom hating liberals.

Why? This from the right of center US News and World Report: “Ocean Acidification May Amplify Global Warming”

Yes, Virginia–and Alaska, Wyoming et al.–there really is a conspiracy, and, yes, it will get you.



China, Climate Change, and Profits

12 August 2013

“One Way China Is Getting Serious about Climate Change” sounds suspiciously like an idea we should be pursuing. Of course, nowadays it often looks like China’s now more pro-free enterprise than America is.


A Decade Long Ban on GMOs!!

12 August 2013

“Ten Year Ban on Genetically Modified Seeds and Foods Takes Force Thursday”

Oh, wait. This is in Peru.

Oh well. It’s nice to know SOME country cares about the health of its inhabitants to take a wait-and-see attitude about dubious product.


“A Texan Tragedy: Ample Oil, No Water”

12 August 2013

“A Texan Tragedy: Ample Oil, No Water”

One way to tell the situation’s dire: When Texans start to notice and complain about how oil and water do mix–badly.

Do We Need an Updated Miranda Warning?

10 August 2013

Do We Need an Updated Miranda Warning?.

Once Again, Monsanto Corporate Evil

8 August 2013

The research continues to pile up, but Americans continue to gobble mass quantities of GM food. Here’s a report on what such food does to animals we eat.

“Torturing Animals with Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Feed”

How many articles have you read about what GM foods do to you?

Oh, never mind. I’m sure Monsanto has our best interests at heart. Don’t you?