Life without Chocolate?

Considering what’s likely to happen to the food supply in the next few decades, I’m quite glad to be in my last decades of existence for almost all the foods I love appear on various lists of endangered edibles.

A few tuna are still around, but the mercury keeps me from indulging. Also, according to everything I’m reading, commercial fishing will be history before mid-century, and I don’t want contribute to moving that date closer.

Almonds, another favorite of mine, requires bee pollination. With the bee decline, “almond pollinator” may well be a future occupation for people. Boy, that’ll bring down the price of almonds, won’t it?

From what I’m reading, the general view is that food of any kind will be in dwindling and/or insufficient supply given climate change, soil depletion, fertilizer supply, insufficient fresh water, pollinator loss, you name it.

And then this morning, I read “Ghost Food: An Art Exhibit Shows How We Might Eat after Global Warming.”

Peanuts and chocolate–two of my favorite food groups. Life without chocolate? I don’t think so.



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