A Four Syllable Obscenity

What’s the first four syllable obscenity that comes into your mind?

If you aren’t sure about syllables, think in terms of the rhythm and fill in the blanks. For example, shout this out: You no-good, dirty da-da da-da!!

If you didn’t come up with Al-an Green-span, you might consider shifting to this curse in the future. It’s appropriate. It will create some laughs and some blank looks, but ultimately it may produce more shock than some common, overused and hence increasingly ineffective curse. Better yet, you can get away with this one in polite society since, technically at least, these words are not offensive, even though they should.

Not sure this is a curse? Read this: “Alan Greenspan, Doing His Best to Make Things Worse”

Now try using Alan Greenspan as a curse. Be creative. Go for variety.

Hey, you Greenspanning Greenspanner! Go Greenspan yourself and your Alan Greenspanning politics too.

Consider this your duty to history. You’ll be honoring the history of the “span” in the English language. In it’s verb forum, it’s an archaic past tense of “spin.” Appropriate, doncha think?

Apologies to anyone else innocently named Alan or Green or Green+anything. More apologies to anyone unfortunately names Alan Greenspan. If that’s your name, the judge will understand your need to change it.




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