Out of the Closet–I’m Green and Proud of It

While my general political leanings should be obvious to all, I usually avoid personal politics in my posts. Today though, I want to come out of the closet. I’m liberal, yes, but I’m not a progressive and I am no longer a Democrat. I’m Green Party and proud of it.

The change from blue to green started slowly. In the last presidential election, I couldn’t bring myself to vote a second time for Barack Obama, a man I’d had high hopes for. I was adrift as the election season started.

Pretty much by accident and whim, I took an online test on political issues that said it would align my answers with the most appropriate candidate. When I clicked up my results, I was astonished to find I was 93 percent aligned with Jill Stein, a woman whose name I’d never heard. Since then, I’ve become more and more sure that some sort of bipartisan conspiracy may well be going on to keep US citizens unaware of who Jill Stein is and what the Green Party stands for.

Here are a few of links. If your time is limited, hit the Bill Moyers interview.




According to Stein, we need the Green Party to hit 3.5% to make the movement unstoppable. The goal looks reasonable to me. Pass the word.



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