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Money Meets Reality?

27 January 2014

This article from Bloomberg shows what can happen to large corporate entities when reality intrudes:

“Global Warming Battle Is over Market Share, Not Science”

The bottom line really is the bottom line, isn’t it?



Talking to Computers

26 January 2014

“Talking Cure,” an emailed snippet from Lapham’s Quarterly, an expensive but most worthy indulgence, nearly summarizes a whole bunch of issues I have with several fields. I’m taking the Fifth on exactly what those issues might be.

“Talking Cure”

I’m so glad I finally subscribed to Lapham’s Quarterly. The issue on comedy–the best so far.


Beyond the Headline

23 January 2014

The Weather Channel published an article with the provocative title “Startling Number of Scientific Papers Disputed Human-Caused Global Warming Last Year.”

From that title, wouldn’t you expect some revelations of hoaxes and bunkum? If one’s a denier, Wouldn’t this incite slobber for the details of how said hoax was being pulled off? At the very least, wouldn’t you want to read on to find out exactly how many papers there were?

Want to guess? Ten percent? Twenty?

Oh, just read the article. It’s a lot better than the headline would suggest.

Alas, I suspect the typical denier will stop with the headline. It’s so easy to be encouraged when one doesn’t read much else.


“How a 574-year-old School Is Preparing for a World without Classrooms”

20 January 2014

I could probably spend the rest of my life contemplating the role of new technology in the classroom–assuming actual classrooms continue to exist, but since I’m still studying how to get the new HD TV, the new Blu-Ray player, the new cable receiver, and the new car to function, I guess I won’t worry so much about job-related stuff.


Climate Change and the Art of Science

14 January 2014

Having an article published in a peer-reviewed journal doesn’t mean the author or authors are right, but while far from perfect academic journals sift out much totally shoddy research. Better yet, journals provide starting points for other researchers who may or may not agree with the conclusions of the original researchers.

Right now, for example, I’m reading Rewards and Intrinsic Motivation: Resolving the Controversy by Cameron and Pierce, a work shredding studies done mostly in the 1970s. That’s the way science works. Someone concludes something, and, typically, others jump in sometimes agreeing and often disagreeing in glorious detail.

So where are the studies, the peer-reviewed articles contesting climate change?

Here’s a good article on that topic: “The Very, Very Thin Wedge of Denial”


More Hurrahs for

9 January 2014

I hope that everyone who runs across this site already subscribes to

This article on climate change is a nice albeit depressing summary.

“Tomgram: Michael Klare, Have the Obits for Peak Oil Come Too Soon?”

Once again I find myself thinking a Douglas Adams line: “So long and thanks for all the fish.”


Two Words for the Deniers

6 January 2014

It’s minus ten here, and that inevitably leads some of the ill-read, e.g. people sitting indoors reading Forbes, to make mocking remarks about how this weather “proves” climate change, a phenomenon mockers typically call “global warming,” is a hoax and/or a liberal conspiracy. Having been out in this “proof” fluffing hay and chopping ice from stock tanks so snow-dusted horses can drink, I am even less amused than usual about the ignorance of deniers.

Here’s an article explaining why getting warmer in the north means we can freeze down south: “How Global Warming Can Make Cold Snaps Even Worse.”

For those who want the short explanation here are two words: Arctic amplification.

Off to put a cup of instant hot chocolate in the microwave.