Talking to Computers

“Talking Cure,” an emailed snippet from Lapham’s Quarterly, an expensive but most worthy indulgence, nearly summarizes a whole bunch of issues I have with several fields. I’m taking the Fifth on exactly what those issues might be.

“Talking Cure”

I’m so glad I finally subscribed to Lapham’s Quarterly. The issue on comedy–the best so far.



2 Responses to “Talking to Computers”

  1. Babz Says:

    I don’t get it.

  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    Babz–I suspect this just means you haven’t been subjected to a) talking therapy or b) the Turing Test. Similarities between talk therapy and trying to tell the difference between talking to a human and talking to a machine can produce a laugh riot. Luckily, my experience with both comes from reading about them.

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