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Global Warming: About That Pause–

27 February 2014

If you think there’s been a significant pause in global warming and that all is well, you might want to take a deep breath and hold it.

“Climate: World’s Hottest Areas Getting Even Warmer”



You Can Bank on It

19 February 2014

The financial industry: Even worse than I thought.

“Predator Banks Enter Brave New World of Epic Scams and Public Hasn’t Got a Clue”

And the public doesn’t have a clue. You can bank on that.


Global Warming Studies WRONG!!

14 February 2014

Yesterday, I saw an article that went on and on about how so many global warming models had proven to be wrong. I nodded my head but was a bit disappointed that this article failed to note that all the global warming studies I’ve seen proven wrong have failed because they were too conservative. Leaving out that tiny detail allowed them to speak the truth and lead some people to a false conclusion.

Unlike that article, one I clicked away from in disgust, the link below also takes readers to an article about how a couple hundred scientific studies on methane emissions were wrong:

Yup. The scientists were wrong. The situation is much worse than they indicated.

I expect this from scientists. While often politically liberal, scientists tend to be quite conservative in their conclusions.


“Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

1 February 2014

Do as I say, not as I do.

Ladies and gentlemen, when politicians don’t even attempt to cover their tracks or at least avoid cameras, doesn’t this suggest it’s time to–

Oh, nevermind. The NSA is probably listening, watching, filming, and tabulating.

Not Cassandra