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News Flash–Stock Market Rigged!!

31 March 2014

“Is the U.S. Stock Market Rigged?”

Short answer–YES!!

I’m not at all surprised, but I am surprised that someone caught on and did something about it.



Plants LOVE Climate Change: Grapefruit Trees in Idaho Soon?

25 March 2014

Plants love climate change. I ran into this on a denier website yesterday and had the strength not to comment there. Instead, when I saw this old bromide rise once again, I wondered if this indicated reality was intruding. Of late I’ve been seeing more and more skeptics writing of the positive effects of climate change. Indeed there are some–although perhaps not for us.

At least this bit about plants needing carbon dioxide is true, unlike many points I’ve seen put forth by skeptics. Primary school science classes explain how plants require carbon dioxide to grow. However, before anyone starts planning on planting grapefruit trees in Idaho, I’ll mention that studies started coming out well over a decade ago indicating plants often suffered negative effects from increased carbon dioxide. I remember reading about good early growth but stunted growth during the fruiting phase for vegetables, problems with grass on grazing land, stuff like that. But then those came from studies done by pesky old (and young) scientists.

I haven’t seen any of these studies cited on the denier sites so far. Perhaps I haven’t read widely enough. Then again, folks who do primary research and controlled studies are a real buzz kill for climate change skeptics. Mostly, skeptics spend time attacking computer models. A worthy task, I grant. However, here’s a new study. No computer models were involved.

“In Ranchers Vs. Weeds, Climate Change Gives Weeds An Edge”

Oh well. Toadflax is quite pretty.


Global warming: What we know

24 March 2014

Summit County Citizens Voice

A potential for abrupt, unpredictable, and potentially irreversible changes with highly damaging impacts

h February 2014 marked the 29th consecutive year with global temperatures running above the 20th century average. Map courtesy NASA.

Staff Report

FRISCO — Making informed choices about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions will help reduce risks for present and future generations and help communities adapt to climate change, scientists said last week, announcing a new initiative to inform the public about climate change.

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US fishermen throw back 20% of their catch—often after the fish are already injured or dead

21 March 2014

The articles and studies I’ve read suggest that commercially viable fishing populations will be gone by mid-century. Then I find an article like this and wonder if we have that long.

Gender Gap: “Unconscious Assumptions and Personal Biases”

20 March 2014

Women in corporate America now have gender equality, right? Not really. Why not? Basic explanation: people are still people, and even the most rational and fair people operate off “unconscious assumptions and personal biases.” They honestly think they are rational and fair but these “unconscious assumptions” influence, even control, decisions they consciously believe to be fair, just, and unbiased.

“How To Remove Gender Bias from the Hiring Process”

Such is the world.


Cruisin’ on Wall Street

12 March 2014

For those that survive as Wall Street Masters of the Universe, life is still good, very good.

“Wall Street Bonuses Go up As the Number of Jobs Goes Down”

Good job, Wall Street, and now the street’s a little less congested. Enjoy the ride.

Oh well, watching the financialization of the United States is kinda fun for us peasants. Maybe we’ll get to see a Big Crash soon. After all just a few months ago Jeremy Grantham of GMO said the stock market was 75% overvalued. And where has the market gone since then?

Going to go pop some corn and sit down to watch.