No Free Lunch, No Brighter Future

Renewable energy, sustainable energy, green energy. We’ll replace fossil fuels and all will be well. We’ll carry on as is, right?

Wrong. First of all, no established fuel source compares to that of fossil fuel. Aside from the fact that its emissions are currently changing the entire climate of the planet–and not for the better of most living beings–it’s an ideal energy source, that is, small amounts produce large amounts of energy. Of the current replacements, large wind and solar arrays are great–unless you are a bat or a bird.

In fact, all of our attempts to find alternative sources of energy look pretty bleak when examined closely.

“Abundant Clean Renewables? Think Again!”

Of course, the answer is simple: reduce population, reduce use of energy.

But no one wants to hear that. Human brains are not wired to hear that.

Oh well.



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