Welcome to the Company Store

Over the last few years, I’ve read several predictions of a future America under feudal rule after the inevitable resource/population/climate/food crunch bites hard. Having no reason to think them wrong, I spent time thinking what American feudalism might look like. A couple of days ago, I realized my musings added nothing because American feudalism already thrives here: America–the Land of the Free (to buy anything and everything) from the Companies’ Stores.

My falling behind reality came from my naively envisioning American feudalism in its old heredity forms. That’s unAmerican. Our aristocracy practices equal opportunity employment to the bright, the driven, the well–if narrowly–educated, and to those willing adhere to the company line. Corporations are the royalty.

Our corporate overlords provide our sustenance and demand only loyalty to the brand, to the right of the firms to dictate to their minions in Congress. Far too many docile and greedy serfs consume happily, blaming those beneath them for their misfortunes while the company stores marginalize, vilify, and legislate against those unwilling to buy company goods.

Don’t believe me? Example: “Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General”

Another: “The Road to Serfdom: American Feudalism Comes to Detroit”

Yet another with a conservative twist: “The Case for “Serfdom,” Rightly Understood”

And one with a liberal view: “America: Home of the Bewildered Serf and Land of the Feudal Lords”

Still don’t believe America’s run by corporations–and a few super rich white guys” Take a look at this: “NBC/WSJ Poll Reveals American’s Priorities; Guess How they Match With GOP Lawmakers’ Priorities”

I was proud of myself when I finally put a name to what’s happening today, but obviously I was late to the party. I admit that and accept another’s term for our serfdom: Neo-feudalism.



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