Clear and Present Idiocy

There’s stupid and then there’s Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stupid. Ironically, the best thing about Kochs shill Walker is arrogant clumsiness. He and his staff are such blunt instruments that it’s actually easy to see what’s up.

This article shows others think so too: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Tripped up by Truth”

In this proposed budget, Walker whacked the education budget and made a few itsy-bitsy changes. For example, he edited the University of Wisconsin budget by 300 million and the university’s mission statement, blotting out “the search for truth.”

Well, I guess for a person like Scott Walker, truth is irrelevant. So why would anyone search for it?

Walker also wants to shift the purpose of the university from enriching people’s lives to meeting “the state’s workforce needs.” That too is consistent. I gather he wants us peasants–and loafers like teachers and others amongst us who still believe in a search for truth–to shut up and obey our corporate masters without question. And that will certainly be easier if no one searches for the truth, a pesky, anti-corporate, anti-superrich asshole concept if there ever was one.

Unfortunately for Walker and Company, some of those in Wisconsin and elsewhere can still read and think.

I’d continue, but I need to go sort through the selections in my pitchfork and torch collection.



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