Some Day

David Horsey’s “CEO Salaries Defy Gravity and Any Sense of Shame says pretty much everything I’ve been muttering for a long time now. I don’t begrudge people good salaries, but when a few whose accomplishments suggest only modest talent start making hundreds even thousands of times more than many other people working diligently and hard for a tiny fraction of those bloated salaries, then something is wrong.

Today’s salary nobility, almost as closed a group as the nobility of Europe, parallels the excesses of pre-Revolution France, I suddenly realized why the revolutionaries swept up and murdered the children as well as the adult nobility. The closed club, whether by birth or by college connections or by whatever, creates a searing, blinding anger in those locked outside those doors. This level of inequality creates an atmosphere where I could envision myself knitting beneath the guillotine and not batting an eye when Muffy and her Harvard legacy brother were dragged to the blade behind their father and mother.





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