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Tuning up the Chea

25 September 2014

The American Legislative Exchange Council. the free-market-no-matter-what-it-costs folks, the people behind labelling animal rights crusaders as terrorists, are waging a strongly worded retreat on climate change. No longer are the folks on the far side of reality calling climate change a hoax. Now they’ve shifted to arguing a hotter planet could be a good thing.

“ALEC: Global Warming Could Be Good for You”

Nice try, ALEC. I wish you well. Perhaps some miracle will validate your position. I hope so, but for now I merely hope your retreat continues.



“Still No Support for Global Warming ‘Slowdown'”

29 July 2013

“Still No Support for Global Warming ‘Slowdown'”

For quite a while now, I’d been wondering about the validity of a supposed slowdown in global warming. Of course, the articles crowing about this never provided any links or data. They just said it was so. Well, it ain’t.

Denial–Same people, Same Tactics, Different Topics

27 October 2012

Old tobacco company flacks don’t die, they just switch to denying climate change and the dangers of GMO foods.

Monsanto’s Lies and the GMO Labeling Battle