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Tuning up the Chea

25 September 2014

The American Legislative Exchange Council. the free-market-no-matter-what-it-costs folks, the people behind labelling animal rights crusaders as terrorists, are waging a strongly worded retreat on climate change. No longer are the folks on the far side of reality calling climate change a hoax. Now they’ve shifted to arguing a hotter planet could be a good thing.

“ALEC: Global Warming Could Be Good for You”

Nice try, ALEC. I wish you well. Perhaps some miracle will validate your position. I hope so, but for now I merely hope your retreat continues.



“Still No Support for Global Warming ‘Slowdown'”

29 July 2013

“Still No Support for Global Warming ‘Slowdown'”

For quite a while now, I’d been wondering about the validity of a supposed slowdown in global warming. Of course, the articles crowing about this never provided any links or data. They just said it was so. Well, it ain’t.