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Death, Doom, and Destruction

20 July 2014

‘Declines in Insectivorous Birds Are Associated with High Neonicotinoid Concentrations

Why is this happening? How about this: Humans are greedy, lazy, and love to breed.

As of this moment, I have little affection for my species.

Since we haven’t used pesticides here for the last 35 years and since I have planted trees and fruit bearing plants and keep insect-attracting horses, I do have a yard filled with bird song.

For how long though? I’m surrounded by people who think I’m strange for disliking all those helpful Monsanto et al products.



So You Think?

14 July 2014

Having taught second semester college composition–the dreaded research-based essay–for decades, I already knew most people dislike studying logic, dislike intellectual challenges, and, in general, dislike thinking. Still, this appropriately titled article depressed me.

“The Most Depressing Discovery About the Brain, Ever”

In a world with 7 billion people, humans cannot afford to think like their Stone Age ancestors. While they had primitive technology, they had resources we are destroying–like soil and water. We are too many and we are using all that’s left. We are doomed.

Have a nice day.


Food Stamps and the American Dream

14 July 2014

After listening to so many neighbors, friends, and relatives complain about the welfare system in America, I thought I’d post this essay. Yes, I’m sure fraud happens, but then there are situations such as this:

“This Is Wwhat Happened When I Drove My Mercedes to Pick up Food Stamps”

Unusual? Perhaps.

But more and more Americans are discovering that being well off is not an American birthright, even for those who work hard and expect that to be enough.


The Loveland Fracturing Vote: Propaganda Bombing Fractures Community

8 July 2014

An abundance of funds and persistence paid off in a local election. Fracking advocates succeeded in Loveland, Colorado. Five other communities held together. By a narrow margin, Loveland voted to allow fracking within its city limits.

Then there’s this:

“Oil-and-gas Group Failed to File Finance Reports in Loveland Fracking Election”

If the well companies may or may not be the most law abiding of “people,” they fit right in with their employees. While we are not the most exposed to the development, several neighbors nearer the wells have warned us of attempted car break-ins.

I hope those in Loveland are as happy with their new neighbors as we are with ours. Aside from emitting a nearly continuous grinding noise, the “major operation” across the street from us also had a mysterious fire last Friday. So far no one we know has found out what it was. The site is still months away from pumping, so a flare off doesn’t seem likely

I am so fracking happy.