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US “Elections”

15 September 2012

Want to know what’s going on in America? Reading foreign newspapers is a good place to start.  Here’s an article from the UK Guardian that didn’t get a lot of coverage in the US:  “US Election System Criticised over Finance Rules and Voting Restrictions.”

Of course anyone with good eyes and ears already knows that some major players are doing their best to make sure that US elections are bought and paid for.  But I know some people who are still voting along party lines, not realizing that the US each year edges closer to having one party, a corporate party.

The old joke about vote early, vote often is closer to reality.  Money is speech.  Donate early, donate vast sums.  Then donate more.

Forget Pax Americana.  We have PAC America.



Counting for Candidates

15 September 2012

WARNNG:  This article contains some actual reporting:  “Romney Defines ‘Middle-Income” as $200,000 to $250,000 and Less in Annual Income.”

For example, the article mentions that Obama too sets middle income as up to $250,000.

But the article does more than state numbers.  It gives context.

Romney’s comments came an interview broadcast Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“No one can say my plan is going to raise taxes on middle-income people, because principle number one is (to) keep the burden down on middle-income taxpayers,” Romney told host George Stephanopoulos.

“Is $100,000 middle income?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less,” Romney responded.

His campaign later clarified that Romney was referencing household income, not individual income.

The Census Bureau reported this week that the median household income — the midpoint for the nation — is just over $50,000.

People are all over this as indicative of Romney’s being out of touch with everyday incomes.  That looks like a reasonable observation, but Obama’s hardly a member of the middle class either.  Living in a political world is not the same as living in the real world, now is it?

Upon reading this though, what jumped out at me was the way Romney phrased his response. Instead of answering that, yes, $100,000 was middle class, but the bracket includes those making up to $250,000, he said, “No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less.”

That sounded quite odd to me. So when was $100,000 removed from being less than $200,000 to $250,000?”

And then there’s his campaign’s explanation that he meant household income, not individual income.  That makes what he said all better, now doesn’t it?  Last time I picked up a calculator, half of $200,000 was $100,000, the number Romney said was not middle class.

But, hey, I admit to being a pedant.  I expect comments by people, candidates included, to make sense.

Yes, this is trivia, but trivia adds up quickly in political life.


FAIR and Ballast

14 September 2012

In general, I like FAIR’s work.  This article brings out some of the general tenor of today’s MSM “reporting”:

“Brought to You by…Big Oil? Washington Post Hides Industry Sponsorship of Energy Debate”

The blurring of propaganda or news frightens me.  America sells everything, including information–and truth.  Of course, they sold out on truth a long time ago.  I fear this will sink us.


A Microcosm of the World?

14 September 2012

This situation may well prove to be indicative of what the world’s (over)population will have to deal with in the upcoming decades:

“The Salton Sea:  Death and Politics in the Great American Water Wars.”

I fear we won’t handle the situations well at all, but I hope I’m wrong.


Business and Finance Are Not Necessarily Related

13 September 2012

People think Mitt Romney is a business man, but he’s not a business man in the sense of being anyone who offers a service or makes something.  Most people have no idea what venture capitalists do.  They should–or venture capitalists or former venture capitalists may do something to them, something not nice at all.

Please, please read this article by Matt Taibbi:  “Greed and Debt:  The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.”

I was irritated by the presidential campaign. Now I’m just plain scared. Do we REALLY have to chose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney?



Not Constrained to the Truth

8 September 2012

Click the link below and take a look at the cartoon.

Not Constrained to the Truth.

Lately, so many of our politicians skip cherry-picking and jump to outright lying that this cartoon doesn’t strike me as at all outrageous.


3 September 2012

I couldn’t have said this better, and this needed saying.


Summit County Citizens Voice

Opinion: GOP offers flawed interpretation of ‘American exceptionalism’

 By Bob Berwyn

Republicans are recycling the theme of American exceptionalism as part of their campaign to win the White House and take control of the U.S. Senate. I applaud the recycling as possibly the only part of the GOP platform that’s environmentally friendly, but take issue with their efforts to co-opt Americanism as political campaign weapon.

There’s a subtle but persistent message trying to convince voters that Republicans are somehow “more American” than Democrats. It’s an election tactic that may play well with part of the electorate, but it’s fundamentally divisive and destroys the consensus needed to govern, regardless of which party controls the White House and Congress.

It starts with the low-level background buzz questioning the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate and peaks with a nationalistic war cry that seems to put us on a path toward yet another…

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